We specialize in software and hardware development for microcontroller real-time systems


We believe that, just like in billiard, every developing company is subject to the same basic conditions. The difference is: We execute our projects with the same mindset as a billiard professional – without excuses or delays.


The focus of our work is soft- and hardware development, often demanding a deep knowledge of CAN bus and ECUs as well as flexibility because of tight schedules. For almost 20 years, we have been development partners to international suppliers and OEMs like Continental AG or John Deere. We have developed software for every generation of microcontrollers, created security-relevant systems and comfort functions – all the time using modern concepts in programming and design. In addition to that, our employees perform software tests to track down programming errors or performance deficits. Using all this experience, we have designed and introduced our own commercial tools for software development, simulation and analysis in CAN and LIN bus microcontroller projects.


Our goal is to be a reliable partner for our customers. To achieve this, we offer a broad range of services at competitive prices. At all times, we try to accommodate our customers’ constantly changing demands. We are a flexible and experienced team and are happy to tackle even out of the ordinary tasks: For our customers, we have participated in field tests and performed firmware updates in many countries around the globe.





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