Our specialty: the development of software and hardware for microcontroller real-time systems

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Our engineers develop hard- and software systems, applications, hardware drivers and operating systems timely and conscious to cost and quality. We work foremost for the automotive industry. In addition, we have developed our own tools for software development, simulation and analysis of CAN bus systems. Our goal is to be a reliable partner for our customers – every single day.

"Only amateurs try to control the billiard balls. It’s the same with software code: It can’t be controlled by 'hacking' or 'tinkering' with it. No, a billiard professional tries to master the cue – just like we are using our processes, our tools and our abilities as a team as best as we can. That is our 'cue', helping us to meet the challenges in soft- and hardware development.


Hans-Joachim Schleissheimer


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