Our services: solutions, products, development

From ideas to complete systems, from requirement specifications to supplier products, from development order to implementation: Schleissheimer GmbH is a solution and product supplier as well as a development partner for software, electronics, and embedded systems. We develop entire software and hardware solutions or work as a closely integrated supplier of self-developed and self-produced electronic components.


In addition, we support our customers as a development service provider. We provide design, software and hardware development, testing, production, and logistics of electronic components or entire systems.


Solutions: You have an idea, we create the solution

Complete hardware and software solutions tailored to your needs.


Products: You have detailed requirements, we create the product

Supply products produced for you on our own responsibility. 


Development: You need support, we assist in implementation

Development of electronic components and software

Brochure Solutions, Products, Development

From ideas to complete systems – from requirement specifications to supplier products – from development order to implementation: All information on our service portfolio in one compact brochure. 


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