Analyze and test CAN(FD), LIN and automotive ethernet systems

CanEasy is a Windows-based analysis and testing environment for CAN(FD), LIN and automotive ethernet systems. The tool simulates bus communication, is highly automated, easy to configure and extendable via plug-ins. Because developers should focus on their work, not their tools. CanEasy can be used during the whole development process from testing to implementation.

CanEasy’s benefits at a glance:

  • Instant productivity through automation – no time-consuming setup or programming.
  • Complete working environment can be modified quickly to suit individual requirements and tasks.
  • Intuitive core functionality: user panels, signal plots, trace windows.
  • Recording of all CAN and LIN bus communication.
  • Comfortable user interface using tree view, drag & drop editing and context menus.
  • Integrated editors for all elements in the data base (communication matrix).
  • Easy plug-in development to generate new functions, rules and views.
  • Large choice of tried and tested plug-ins like network management, bus statistics or signal monitoring.
  • Support of multiplex messages.
  • Supports extended testing of more than 1,000 h using compressed recording and storage.
  • Integrated VBA and VSTA development environments.
  • Integration as Windows DLL including an ANSI-C interface or as COM server.
  • Broad selection of CAN and LIN bus hardware.


Our Guided Tour demonstrates how CanEasy aids developers and testers during their work.


Download your 30-day trial right now and start simulating, analyzing and testing.


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Brochure CanEasy

In this brochure, you can find all information on our analysis and testing environment CanEasy for CAN and LIN bus: simulation, analysis, testing, user interface concept, editions, and advantages.


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